Sunday, January 06, 2008

Vista Low Battery Notification Warning

It seems that a lot of Vista users are not getting a low battery notification warning- and the stupid computer just switches off without any warning.

I experienced this this evening- the power plug was not properly fastened in the socket- and I didn't realize I was running purely on battery power. Suddenly without warning, the computer switched off. Thankfully no damage done.

Still it irritates me that I couldn't find the solution despite hunting around for it in the Control Panel section. Bloody Vista.

Anyhow, I found the answer on Google, this is how I fixed it.

1. Right click on START
2. Open Properties
3. Click on Notification Tab and,
4. Tick System Icon - POWER.

Then go to Control Panel, if you haven't already. And Click on
1. Power Options
2. Change Plan Settings
3. Advanced Options
4. Scroll down to Battery and Low Battery Notification
5. Turn them on.

You have to do the two steps otherwise it won't work.

1 comment:

Andrew Hall said...

would have thought a default install on a laptop would have enabled them.... ahh... Microshaft wisdom.