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Maldives Dive 24th May - June 4th

Date of Journey

24th May – 4th June 2008. LOB dates: 25th May – 3rd June (9 nights)


MV Eagle Ray




100 X 25 Feet ≈ 33.3 X 7.5 Meters

Cost of Chartering Boat

1980 USD/ night X 9 nights = 17, 820 USD


Candies Hotel (4*)  http://www.vermillionmaldives.com/resorts/Candies.htm

Cost of Stay for 1 night (Arrival night)

102 USD/room/night X 7 rooms X 1 night = 714 USD

Total Cost

17, 820 + 714 = 18,534 USD

Cost for 14 paxs

1324 USD ≈ 1400 USD ≈ 2,031.68 SGD 2, 100 SGD

Cost for 12 paxs

1544.50 USD ≈ 1600 USD ≈ 2,301.39 SGD  2, 400 SGD.

Total Dives

26 max (Depending on weather conditions). For sample itinerary, please refer below.


1,000 SGD on SQ for every 2 flying on promotion now. (Refunds will be made as this is an overestimate.)


1)      Full board during LOB

2)      Tea and coffee

3)      1.5l mineralized water/day/pax

4)      Tank and weights

5)      1 night BBQ on island.

6)      Land transfers


Meals on land.

Anything not mentioned

Maldives LOB (24th May – 4th June 2008)


I am making this trip 12 pax to go. Therefore my original selling price now is 3,500 SGD (incl. air tixs). Once I have confirmation of 14 pax, I would refund 400 SGD per pax to bring down the price to 3,100 SGD (incl. air tixs) per pax.


The extra 100 SGD per pax will be used to offset any fluctuations in currency exchange during the process of booking.


If you wish to get your own air tickets, 1,000 SGD will be deducted accordingly.


As I have to pay a deposit of 1,500 USD by end of December 2007, I would like to seek your cooperation in finalizing the number of people by then too. This is to facilitate my decision making process.


Payment details are as follows,

  1. 20% upon confirmation
  2. 30% by Janurary
  3. Remaining 50% by Feburary.

Maldives 24th May – 4th June 2008

(Suggested Itinerary for Diving)


24th May: 2035H SQ flight to Maldives.

Upon arrival stay at Candies hotel for the night


25th May: Check in to MV Eagle Ray.

Tour introduction & Formalities & Dive Gear Set up

  • Maa Giri (North Male’ Atoll) Check-out Dive
  • Kuda Giri (South Male’)
  • Biya Giri (South Male’)

Over night at Guradhoo (Village)


26th May

  • Guradhhu Channel (South Male’)
  • Miyaru Kandu (Felidhe Atoll)
  • Golden Wall (Felidhe Atoll)

Over night at Fotheyo (Sand Bank)


27th May

  • Cherry Caves (Felidhe Atoll)
  • Fushi Kandu (Felidhe Atoll)
  • Golden Wall (Felidhe Atoll)

Over night at Felidhu (Fishing Village)


28th May

  • Matha Kandu (Felidhe Atoll)
  • Boli Rock (Felidhe Atoll)

4 hours channel crossing to South Ari Atoll

  • Kuda Rah tila (South Ari)

Over night at Dhangethi (developed village)

29th May

  • Don Tila (South Ari atoll)
  • Didhu Goni (South Ari atoll)
  • Rangali Manta Point (West Ari)

Over night at kuda Digga (deserted island)


30th May

  • Kala Handi (West Ari)
  • Hemandhoo Tila (West Ari)
  • Malos Tila (West Ari)

Over night at Ranfaru (Reef ring)


31st May

  • Malos Tila (West Ari)
  • Fesdhu Wreck (Mid Ari)
  • Fish Head (Mid Ari)

Over night at Faana Mudu (Reef ring)


1st June

  • Fish Head (Mid Ari)
  • Maya Tila (North Ari)
  • Rashdhoo Channel

Over night at Rasdoo Ring


2nd June

  • Rashoo Channel (Rashdhoo Atoll)

4hrs channel crossing back to north Male’ Atoll

  • Lion head (North Male’ Atoll)
  • Last dive by 1700H for 24h de-gassing period.

Over night at Merina


3rd June

After breakfast pack dive gear & luggage

2315H local time flight back to Singapore


4th June

Arrival Singapore at 0700H


















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