Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Apparently, you won't say this. Because by the time, you realize the shark is trying to eat you alive - you've half way down its mouth.

I'm watching the National Geographic Shark Attack week on my cable tv. And its scaring the pants out of me.

What I find really moronic are the stupid bastards who "try and understand" the predator shark and make all sorts of compassionate hippy theories about them.

If you want to study them, fine. Great. But don't try and treat them like your pet dog. They aren't your friend just because you've been feeding them bait for the whole morning.

There was this marijuana nutcracker who studies the animals by wading into a shark infested reef pool. Apparently, he enjoys being shark bait in much the same way as some 14 year old girls like sending pictures of themselves to strange men. Imagine his surprise when one of the Bull sharks came up like a hungry dog, sniffed at his lily white leg like it was a KFC drum stick - and took a big bite out it. There's a poor quality youtube video of the incident - click here.

The hippy scientist was saying he was so surprised - and mused whether he did anything to provoke the attack - and going into the usual sort of lefty introspection that makes you certain that taking LSD in the 60s has serious long term effects.

FER CRYING OUT LOUD you grass muncher - its a bull shark. Its an animal with big scary teeth- what else is there to understand???

And I watched to my horror as the dickwad waded back into the same reef pool - without any protection except for his GAIA I'm one with the Universe beliefs

 - and tempted fate again.

If i was there I would have thrown a hunk of fresh bloody steak into the pool and filmed the carnage for Youtube. - I'd entitle it - "Man proves that Tiger Sharks are not Vegans. Period"

You can read the horror stories here - Stories of Sharks Eating People

And if you have the stomach - you can watch this video - warning - its a scene of a real shark attack and plenty of people swearing and screaming. Click on the photo below. Her name is Heather Boswell and she was on a research ship. Off the coast of Chile, together with others- she went for a swim. A shark was spotted and she was the slowest swimmer and got bitten as a result.

Update: Here's another story of a "scientist", Erich Ritter, who thought that yoga would help protect him from sharks. No it didn't

Update: Comment by Rocky - After watching the escapades of Dr. Eric Ritter and other shark scientists and naturalists I am reminded of the anitics of Timothy Treadwell, the now infamous Grizzly Man (who was eaten by a bear together with his new girlfriend).

Eric Ritter who free-swims with and anthropomorphizes Tiger Sharks is engaging in behavior almost identical to Treadwell and will, in time, almost certainly pay the same price. Dr. Ritter, standing in the well chummed shallows filled with sharks was asking for what he got. That he says he now "feel[s] even closer to [sharks] than before" is an indication of serious underlying psychological problems.

Sharks are not evil, but they are instinctively predatory animals. They kill other animals to eat them. If you get in their way they are perfectly capable of killing you too, even if it is only with an 'exploritory bite' without feeling the slightest bit of remorse. I have great respect for sharks and want to conserve them for the good of the oceans' ecosystems, but to anthropomorphize and romanticise them is idiotic.

Obviously, not Bambi.


Althea Wong said...

I'm with you on this. Think it's stupid for people to try to treat sharks like pets and try to understand them. But then again, it's their own lives, and if they wanna play with fire, that's their choice, no matter how stupid it can be.

Jeremy N said...

Nothing wrong with trying to learn more about the creation around us. People fear what they don't understand. Having spent a few months learning about sharks, fish, crustaceans and many other creatures in the sea, I have a great sense of respect for sharks and the like. I'll not go jumping in the water with a GWS or tiger shark, for that reason.
Idiots who blurt out crap like "I hope they kill the shark" whenever one attacks somebody really ought to be made to sit in front a proper Cousteau or Attenborough nature doco.
That said I've seen the Nat Geo doco where the shark bites the 'researcher'. That's what happens when you have no respect for what you're attempting to study. That idiot is simply tried to prove some macho point on film, totally unrelated to zoology, failed miserably, and got his just desserts. Same could be said for the late Steve Irwin - he may have had good intentions, but showmanship gets in the way of common sense far to often.

Yauming YMC said...

I don't think Ritter the Scientist was trying to be macho - he was just dumb.