Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Zealand Queenstown Ski trip

Lol Lord of the Rings!!!

I went up to Queenstown, New Zealand in 2003 with a group of my friends for skiing. Organized by Joy, it was as usual an awesome trip. Joy is a fantastic organizer - she should join the UN and help save the world. Sadly the snow was rather slushy that season- not fine and powdery - but wet and icy. But its still amazing. We stayed at a great 4 star chalet - all 10 of us. Thanks to Joy, we got a great deal, it cost us A$800 for virtually everything!! Car hire, ski hire, lift passes, the accomodation and the food (which we cooked ourselves) (Excluding air fare of course). The food was DIVINE - honestly I nearly wept with tears of joy when I ate fried fresh salmon trout - which Ferry caught - it was HUGE nearly 1m long).

For meat lovers - there's this place called Fergus Burger - just a hole in the wall hamburger joint in the town. They used prime NZ beef for their burgers - and their sourdough bread was fresh. If you love food- you must try it one day.


Althea Wong said...

Wow... makes me wish I could be there to ski too. Have always wanted to try, but no opportunity. :(

Yauming YMC said...

Great time to go now. Air fares are cheap and the NZ dollar has crashed to new lows vs the Sing dollar.