Sunday, January 20, 2008

An evening at Kevin's

A pleasant way to spend a Saturday evening - with friends, good food, good wine.

I was advised by Jolly it started at 5pm. I got there late at 5.30. Its 30 minutes drive away from my place, 30km away. Had to drive there slowly cos the speed limit was 60km/h and I hate getting speed camera fines (which cost from A$200 upwards).

I was amazed that I was the first person at the scene. All the others - including Jolly - showed up an hour later. Duhhh...

Kevin's got a nice place- he stays at poshy suburb of Brighton - only about 5 minutes drive from the beach. But apparently, he and his lovely wife will be moving to a new bigger house they're building.

I got propositioned by one of the married moms - but only to be asked to become her gardener. She chopped down her trees and laid waste to her garden. And now doesn't know what to put inside. lol. Maybe I shouldn't have put up the gardening advice on my blog. haha.

Everyone had to go home early because their babies had to go to sleep. lol. A sign of the times, eh?

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