Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Team Fortress - mod for Half Life 2

Category:Video Games
Genre: Action
Console:PC Games
Tired of playing realistic war games that give you heart attacks? How about something fun? Playing computer games is suppose to be tension relieving; nowadays the games are so realistic that they give you post-traumatic syndromes.

Check this video out. Team Fortress video

Its good fun. There is no one single character that dominates - all of them have various weaknesses.

The one I'm good at is the demoman - who can throw explosives and place charges hidden behind walls to booby trap an unsuspecting enemy.

But the character that seems most interesting is the spy. Click on the link below.

Spy: Sneaky, Subversive, all round bad guy

The game is well designed. It feels like being in a Pixar movie! "The Incredibles". The funny Eastern European style music, the cutish 1950s props, and the multiple amusing taunts you can use with the individual characters.

But enough with my boring review. Play the game!!!


Jeremy N said...

*sigh* I have fond memories of Team Fortress Classic.... stuffing people up with the Spy, Medic and Engineer....This looks just as fun. Glad they didn't make it into another Counterstrike copy.

Yauming YMC said...

check out the video of the engineer. You'll love it!

Aun Ngo said...

You playing? What servers??

Yauming YMC said...

Australian servers - gameareana, internode, etc.. Caught a player who seemed to be using a hack to shoot at cloaked snipers. Killed all of them thought they were cloaked - many times.

Jeremy N said...

I wish............... My comp can barely run Half Life 1 as it is.... =(

Yauming YMC said...

Time to dump the 286 and get a new computer J. :) The world has moved on. Nowadays you can get a decent (time travelling) machine for $1500. One minute its 11am Jan 11th 1999 - next minute its the year 2007????... and I'm still playing TF ???