Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mini Cooper (modern)

I really like the look of the new Mini-Cooper- Its very attractive, especially in the cherry red color and white racing strips. If it was in any other color, except perhaps the metallic blue, it would look decidedly ordinary.

It handles quite well and has good accleration. You do feel the bumps and pebbles in the road though.

The price here in Melbourne seems ok. For around $35,000 for the standard edition (including the sun-roof etc..), I think its alright for a unique car.

Plus I know that it will fit into my current garage (which also houses the Volvo) and it won't scrap my steep driveway when it drives up. I've ruined 3 sets of exhaust/mufflers on my vintage Beetle by doing that already.

The mini's got a BMW build, but doesn't look ostentious. Its relatively fast but isn't a boy-racer. Its claimed to do 100km with only 5.9litres of petrol. And its doesn't look average like the usual crowd.

Its also pretty smart. Its inbuilt computer system will alert you if any part needs changing. So you only change the part when the computer thinks its worn out. Maintenance is suppose to cost only $400 a year. WT?? And it does not have a fan belt to change. Amazing.

Its a bit of a girl car though admitedly. Too compact, too cute, just too pretty.


Jeremy N said...

One thing it needs is a sunroof - the twin-panel roof is huge and transforms the interior of the car!
And a compressor... take a Cooper S for a spin too...

adelyn kwan said...

my dream car!

Yauming YMC said...

Yeah the minis need the sunroof, otherwise the interior looks way too dark.

jade chen said...

ahhhhh drool drool... (and busy saving up for it)