Monday, January 07, 2008

A Princess' Tale - for Aila

(I thought of this story recently)

A long time ago there was a beautiful princess named Aila who lived in a desert land. It was hot and dry like all desert lands. Occasionally it would rain and the strange and wonderful desert flowers would bloom. Those were the happiest times for her. But those times were few and far between.

She longed for a green land, a land where rain would fall often, ... not too much though. Her cousin was nearly drowned in such a deluge.

She wanted to be in a land filled with summer flowers and autumn trees. A land where the roads were lined with Cherry Blossom trees in constant bloom. A land with the tall African Plain trees with their wide shady branches. A place where she would across endless fields of golden wheat and travel across vast plains of green grass like a ship crossing the sea.

One day a dreadful demon in the guise of a whirlwind passed over her land and drank up all the water. Everything turned to dust. There was little to begin with and once he had finished there was even less.

The Princess stayed in her castle, its stone walls protecting her safe from the demon. But she knew she could not stay. At night, when the air was cool once again and the demon was asleep, she made her escape.

She walked through the night, guided by star light,
In the cold comfort of the dark, she found respite

... to be continued...

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