Saturday, January 12, 2008

A good reason not to do drugs.

Its amazing how drugs, esp. illegal drugs, can screw up the brain and make you do stupid things.

But this one has to take the cake.

Two men, aged 60s, debris from the Hippy era and both heroin addicts, wanted to cash their recently deceased friend's social welfare cheque. The clerk at the store insisted that he had to come in person to cash it - not them.

So they go back home, pull their dead friend out of bed, dress him up... only they can't get his pants all the way up. So they pull over a jacket over the exposed groin, then they put him on an office chair which they stole - and wheeled the very dead looking corpse - to the store in broad daylight in rush hour.

They were so desperate to cash the cheque that they ignored the inquisitive policeman who kept on asking whether their friend was alright.

You can read the crazy story here: Hippies are stupid


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