Monday, September 29, 2008

Going back to church

Its been awhile since I attended church. I guess its cos I let the small things bother me too much.

Anyways, I felt the need to attend church again. And besides, its a beautiful day to go out. The air was so fresh and fragrant after we had that massive storm last night.

Christianity is an intensely personal religion. But at the same time, its essential also to be together with other Christians and worship God.

In the morning I attended the Full Gospel Assembly church at Surrey Hills. ... There are some really beautiful houses in that area - with sweet details and touches. Lush green trees with delicate leaves, bluestone paving, cute little ornamental garden statues, long wide windows, set behind solid brick walls, exquisite old world charm. Gotta take some photos of that area one day. My cousin who lives in that area keeps a beehive to harvest honey. I should pay him a visit one day!

Later in the evening I attended the Australian Christian Fellowship church down at Rowville. One thing I especially love about ACF is their praise and worship is really really good. Outstanding. You sing and you feel your soul uplifted - its like being in the presence of God... and you probably are. That was actually the only reason why I made sure I was there on time. haha.

It was good to be back at Rowville. I missed the services. I think I'll go back again next week.

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