Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Gleeful allusions to the stock market crash of 1929"

Europeans, well some of them" are making gleeful allusions to the economic crisis in America to the stock market crash of 1929.

Being happy when your neighbor has fallen on hard times - and who in the recent past helped you - seems to be a particular nasty trait.

But really why the references to 1929? If I was a European I wouldn't be gleeful at all about that. What happened after the crash of 1929? A worldwide economic meltdown which led to global poverty - which badly affected Europe. Eventually it led to the rise of Hitler and National Socialism which led to the death and virtual destruction of Europe. Millions of people lost their lives and countless others had their lives totally ruined (not too mention the amount of property damage).

Guess who bailed the Europeans out of that mess?

The Americans.

Yeah, sure, you could argue that the Soviet Russians did most of the hard job. But you're a moron if you wanted the Russians instead of the Americans (British/Canadians) to "liberate" you in 1945. Because once the Russians liberated you, you somehow lost all your personal liberties at the same time. And you couldn't kick them out afterwards. Ask the Hungarians and Poles, East Germans, etc..

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