Friday, November 30, 2007

Update Dennis 2

From Aunty Janice, Dennis' wife.

November 30th
Dennis was transferred from ICU to Cardio Thoracic Care Centre on Wed 28 Nov.  He was doing well that day but was dozing intermitently.  However, late that evening he had rapid heartbeats and then suffered nausea.  He was nauseous the whole of yesterday, which robbed him off sleep and he couldn't eat.  The doctors couldn't put a finger on what caused him to be nauseous.  So , please continue to pray for him.
Several of you have kindly enquired about visiting Dennis which we really appreciate.  However, the nurse in charge has recommended that he be given as much rest as possible to help him recuperate quicker.  So, if you could hold off visiting him until Sunday 2 Dec, that will really help his heart to settle down after the trauma.  Hope you understand.
Finally, we managed to get clearer details re the surgery from one of the registrars who was involved in it.  He said that the actual surgery began around 8:00 PM on Mon 26 Nov and took more than11 hours - they expected to be done within 4-5 hours.  There were lots of complications because of some radio therapy treatments administered on him when he had cancer of the lymph nodes and his non-stop bleeding.  He was given 14 litres of blood transfusion.  Actually, at one point the team became quite nervous because his body became cold and they were fighting for his life.  One of the registrar who had been assisting several surgeries from 7 AM on Mon finally had to call for relief around 2 AM on Tues.  Instead of one bypass or bridge, Dennis ended up having four!
We were told how fortunate Dennis was.  The 95% blocked artery supplies blood to to other arteries and together the carry the two-thirds weight of the heart function!  Should at any time the 5% opening closes up, Dennis would have been history!  He could have suffered a heart attack in the process of house moving.
It is God's grace and mercy and all your concerted prayers that Dennis is alive today.  It was the Holy Spirit who repeatedly told Dennis to go get an immediate check up while he was praying on Monday 26 morning.  Praise God for His grace and mercy and for everyone of you.

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