Friday, November 02, 2007

Melbourne Part 2

Its been over 4 nights since I've returned. Cleaned up the awful magpie mess pretty well- praise God. Robert - my trusty steam cleaner from my landlord days - came over yesterday and cleaned up the mess on the carpets beautifully. Highly recommended if you ever need a super man steam cleaner here in Melbourne.

Mum's feather down quilt was picked up and cleaned today by Superior Quilts - spotless! I did try cleaning it by myself but couldn't do it.

Next step is to do the garden- which is overgrown with weeds. I pray that my Hungarian gardener will show up tomorrow. The guy is really good but has gone AWOL for over 3 years. I'll probably do it together with another gardener. The trees and hedges could all do with a good trim too.

I'll post up more photos soon. But at the moment, I'm handicapped because one of my relatives used up my internet usage whilst I was away. So I'm down to 8kbs.

I'm off to see a book-keeper tomorrow to do my accounts here. God didn't bless me with the ability to keep records... and rather than fight a losing battle, I'd rather admit defeat and hand over the job to someone else who can do it much better and infinitely faster than I can.

Sometimes in life- that's the way. Know your limits and respect them.

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