Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wandering in the Wilderness

Sometimes you just might need to spend sometime in the wilderness, wandering around, doing dead boring stuff, and wondering what the hell happened. Case in point: Moses. Read about him in the Book of Exodus in the Bible or you can pick up the video(s); lol. He spend roughly 40 years living the life of a Prince in the Court of Egypt - the absolute lifestyle of luxury, then after killing a bully, he was forced to run off into the desert to spend the next 40 years of his life living as a shepherd. That's a bit like Bill Gates losing it all and ending up as a clerk.

It was at that point, when Moses had given up all hope of power and glory, that God called him to be the Leader for his people.

It does seem strange why God waited so long to call Moses. Why not at 20? or 40? when Moses was in Pharaoh's court. Why not at 50? or 60? when Moses probably harbored a deep desire to go back to Pharaoh and kick his arse? Why at 80? When Moses was old and decrepit?

But that's the thing. Moses wasn't ready until that moment. He just needed to spend time in the wilderness, doing seemingly mundane things, letting go of his worldly desires.

Maybe if God had called Moses before when he was still in Pharaoh's court, Moses may have simply staged a court revolt, and usurped Pharaoh's throne, and ignored the call to lead God's people into the Promise Land.

Drat its 4.40am now...

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