Friday, November 09, 2007

Maldives Live on Board (LOB) Scuba Dive Trip

Start:     May 24, '08 09:00a
End:     Jun 4, '08
Marcus Royce has organized a 9 day dive trip to the Maldives on the MV Eagle Ray dive ship. It will probably cost about $2300 + $1000 (airfare).

Seems quite interesting. The trip is to coincide with the plankton chase by all the big fish: whale sharks, manta rays, pilot whales, etc..

24th May: 2035H SQ flight to Maldives.
Upon arrival stay at Candies hotel for the night

25th May: Check in to MV Eagle Ray.
Tour introduction & Formalities & Dive Gear Set up
• Maa Giri (North Male’ Atoll) Check-out Dive
• Kuda Giri (South Male’)
• Biya Giri (South Male’)
Over night at Guradhoo (Village)

26th May
• Guradhhu Channel (South Male’)
• Miyaru Kandu (Felidhe Atoll)
• Golden Wall (Felidhe Atoll)
Over night at Fotheyo (Sand Bank)

27th May
• Cherry Caves (Felidhe Atoll)
• Fushi Kandu (Felidhe Atoll)
• Golden Wall (Felidhe Atoll)
Over night at Felidhu (Fishing Village)

28th May
• Matha Kandu (Felidhe Atoll)
• Boli Rock (Felidhe Atoll)
4 hours channel crossing to South Ari Atoll
• Kuda Rah tila (South Ari)
Over night at Dhangethi (developed village)

29th May
• Don Tila (South Ari atoll)
• Didhu Goni (South Ari atoll)
• Rangali Manta Point (West Ari)
Over night at kuda Digga (deserted island)

30th May
• Kala Handi (West Ari)
• Hemandhoo Tila (West Ari)
• Malos Tila (West Ari)
Over night at Ranfaru (Reef ring)

31st May
• Malos Tila (West Ari)
• Fesdhu Wreck (Mid Ari)
• Fish Head (Mid Ari)
Over night at Faana Mudu (Reef ring)

1st June
• Fish Head (Mid Ari)
• Maya Tila (North Ari)
• Rashdhoo Channel
Over night at Rasdoo Ring

2nd June
• Rashoo Channel (Rashdhoo Atoll)
4hrs channel crossing back to north Male’ Atoll
• Lion head (North Male’ Atoll)
• Last dive by 1700H for 24h de-gassing period.
Over night at Merina

3rd June
After breakfast pack dive gear & luggage
2315H local time flight back to Singapore

4th June
Arrival Singapore at 0700H

(update: total cost is over S$3000.)

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