Saturday, November 03, 2007

Friday night Straits Cafe

Lol. Despite spending over a year in Singapore, I couldn't resist heading with my friends - Tav and Elena - to Straits Cafe (opposite Westfield Shoppingtown) and partaking of their fantastic Penang Har Mee and char kwey taui. Man, both dishes taste soooo great.

(Sorry no camera shots- I don't know how to take photos of food dishes.)

Came back and watched "Into the Blue" starring Jessica Alba and Paul Walker. This is a great film if you're into scuba diving. Those 2 metre sharks aren't CGI. There's this amazing shot of Jessica swimming with the sharks and catching the tail of one of them. Is that amazing or wot!!! I tried grabbing a screen shot of her- but can't seem to do that yet.

Tomorrow I'm off to St Andrews Market to get some wood fired baked bread and to chill out with my female friend, Carol... hopefully she's free.

(update: she has the flu so I'm off to the zoo instead with my lovable 4 year old nephew)

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