Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Food in Australia

Man, people in Australia are really fat. I mean really fat. Its easy to just pig out and eat fatty food. You might as well be drinking lard. Fried chips, fried chicken, Mackays (MacDonalds), Pizza, Fried Fish, Cheese, Wine, Bread and Butter, Biscuits, and the cream pastas... oh man... I'm back to my bad old ways again.

Eating fatty food is ok every now and then. Its no point being a fanatic. But when fatty food is a stable diet - that's really horrible.

Despite living in a land filled to the brim with fresh food - there are so few outlets selling the stuff at affordable prices. A sandwich here sets you back $10 at least. You've just to DIY everything here.

Speaking of fat people, I need to go for a good run. Haven't exercised a single bit since I've arrived. Gardening, mowing, doesn't really count.

I'm going to wake up tomorrow and go for that Ruffey Park run. Well, just half way. Its 10km in total. And way too difficult to attempt in my current condition. lol.


Stephanie Young said...

I totally agree! Whenever i'm in SG i'ld be more skinny-healthy. I've become plump-ish-healthy ever since coming to Aussie. However, perhaps there's no one to blame but myself coz i can jolly well choose to munch on celery and carrot sticks + go gymming more regularly. heh. :D

Yauming YMC said...

I think its the weather here. Food taste so good in a cold/temperate climate. And stuff like wine, cheese, hot coffee and tea - taste extra specially great only when the weather is under 20C.

Althea Wong said...

must make sure you exercise more to burn off those fats and calories lor... :)