Friday, November 09, 2007

Unless the Lord builds the house...

I'm just going through the accounts over here and I've found something quite amazing - an old letter - dated 2003- from one of my companies asking me to purchase their shares at 3.5 cents. I usually throw away these things but there it was- at the back of my drawer.

A long time ago I invested in this gold mining company here in Australia. The mine closed and the company practically drifted down to zero. Then from 2001 - 2003, as the price of gold started rising, the company started issuing more shares from 2001 - 2003 at between 1 - 4 cents. I just shelved all their request for more money; I gave up all hope on the b@stards.

Now the company- Alliance Gold - is worth nearly $2.00 a share. It even managed to hit a high of $3 awhile back.

That's a real kicker.

I've been pondering a fair bit lately. In all honesty, the share trading was total shit-hause. I've lost a huge amount of cash over the last ten years and its really depressing. Sure I had some spectacular wins but they were eclipsed by huge trading losses- most of which were totally avoidable in hindsight.

This might sound strange to some people. But I think God has been withholding His blessing on my trading. As the bible verse goes- "Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain." These last ten years, I've been backsliding really. My heart hasn't been 100% for the Lord. I've allowed myself to fall into temptation. Course, I didn't murder, commit violence or do any "terrible" sins... but sin in casual ways. But anyhow, I felt God's calling me back all these years.

As Christians our bodies are supposed to be a living temple for God - a place for prayer. But for myself I've allowed it to become polluted.

So help me God to make my body a holy temple for your Spirit.

Its very hard. And I've formed a lot of bad habits. But by His grace and strength, He will enable me to overcome.

(Update: This is bizarre. But just after I completed this prayer - the kitchen clock started working again after over 5 - 8 years of total inactivity. And I found my favourite pair of leather gloves which I had given up for loss years ago.)


adelyn kwan said...

His ways are always wonderful and amazing and you know he will never forsake his children (:

Charms Wee said...

: )