Friday, November 16, 2007

Elizabeth the Golden Age

Genre: Drama
In short, Cate trying her best to be like Helen Mirren. Golden Age is a dismal film. Plenty of fluff that should have been edited out- a lot of ridiculous iconic moments - like the swirly panoramic views of Blanchett just standing looking idiotic. Its all the fault of the director. He ought to be forced to watch the 2005 superb HBO/BBC tv production with Helen Miriam as Elizabeth I one thousand times. The latter had witty lines, a tighter script and was a whole lot more enjoyable to watch. EGA just fell apart esp in the middle part - a lot of scenes just looked totally raw and straight plonked out of the storyboard. Anyhow, don't bother watching Golden Age - I instead highly recommend you "HBO's Elizabeth I".

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