Saturday, December 01, 2007

Dennis update 3

I've good news!  Praise God, Dennis is feeling much better today.  He could sit up, is more alert and could eat a bit more.  He even walked round the ward thrice, once with a physiotherapist's help, second time by himself and the third, assisted by Bernard, my brother-in-law.
Thanks everyone for your prayers and encouragement.  Dennis wouldn't have improved if it weren't for all you saints sending up incense of prayers and praise to God's throne.  Dennis wants me to convey his heartfelt thanks to you all.  He is very grateful for precious relatives and friends like you guys.
We were told today that Dennis may be discharged either or Sunday or Monday instead of Monday or Tuesday.
Dennis has requested for more prayers.
-  that the restrictions in his throat will disappear
-  that this situation will be maximized for the Lord
-  that we will glean the lessons we are supposed to learn from it.
Thanks again for standing with us in prayer.  We certainly appreciate your rallying around us in this testing times.

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