Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Update from Dennis the man himself

Email from Dennis!

Hey Everyone

He's back – bigger, bader and more puffy then before!!!  (Due to the normal post-Op water retention.)

Boy do I have respect for all the older guys who go through open heart surgery it was tough enough for this 44 year old.

Thanks so much for all of your thoughts and prayers.  Really saw the hand of God through out the whole ordeal.  The blockage was in such a critical place and so close to complete that a massive heart attack and death could have happened at anytime. 

I could go on about the Christian nurses and Drs praying and encouraging the surgeons doing a 12-hour overnight emergency operation and that after having worked all day!  The prompting of the Holy Spirit to have a scheduled heart stress test 10 days sooner then scheduled and all the opportunities to talk about Jesus to lots of people.  He has been very very good to me.

And now the task of recovering from the surgery I will spend the next 8 weeks in recovery mode.  We're hoping the last four weeks of recovery to be working hard on one of our last masters modules.

Thank you so much for your prayers may Jesus bless you all for your kindness   to Janice and I oh and please don't stop prayin for us ya?!?

Oh and a PS.  Don't know if Janice mentioned the good news that the Dr's have vindicated me, Yes!  The reason for the blockage was not my propensity for burgers but instead lesions in the arteries from the radiation treatment I had as a teen.    The not so bad news (but still coming to grips with)  is I still have to be extra good from now on in my eating habits.

Dennis G.

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