Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Stuck at home on Xmas

One big problem with living in a Christian household is that you tend to have idealistic expectations. And no matter how much crap happens - you still tend to cling to them.

You expect members of your family to be kind, forgiving, loving, compassionate, rationale, like Jesus - but when they don't... things go into a loop.

I'm stuck now at home cos one of my relatives is having a dispute with another relative over a totally inconsequential matter.

Its totally stupid.

Relative A wanted to get some lunch for Relative B.

Relative B had already eaten and didn't want to have lunch and was happy.

Relative A was informed by Relative C that Relative B didn't want lunch.

Relative A felt obliged to get lunch for Relative B and got into a huff with Relative C.

Relative B then got offended that Relative A got into huff. And so is spending Xmas Eve and Xmas Day sulking.

(These are grown people. Adults, not 6 year old kids.)

Relative D begs Relative B to reconsider but Relative B tells her to get lost.

Relative D then gets upset and breaks into tears. And begs me to talk with Relative A.

Meanwhile I'm caught something in between. Call me Relative X.

I feel like saying, "Oh for Christ sake. Its f@@king Christmas, man. Chill out. Forget your differences and make up. Otherwise, renounce Christianity, wear a viking helmet, and take up a pagan god religion or something."

If we can't even behave Christ-like to our own flesh and blood - how the @#$% do you expect to be considered a true Christian?

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