Monday, December 03, 2007

Rape victim gets 200 lashes by Court. Totally Fubar.

This story sounds too sick to be true. Read it here: Click on the transcript below.

When a teenage girl was gang raped in Saudi Arabia,a court sentenced HER to 90 lashes. After she complained,it was increased to 200. Now, the victim speaks for the first time...

She was only 19 and a new bride when it happened.

Seven men held her at knifepoint and, for a number of hours, she was subjected to a horrific gang rape.

But when she later went to the authorities, they sentenced her to 90 lashes.

She complained in the media, so the punishment was increased to 200 lashes and imprisonment.

Her lawyer has been suspended for speaking out against it.

This is certainly one reason to try and develop alternative forms of energy like solar power. The less we depend upon oil - of which the Middle East contributes 40% of the world's supply - the better.


Yenny RS said...

uh really sick...

Stephanie Young said...

this is totally senseless and insane! how can such happen? crazed conspiracy theory.