Saturday, December 29, 2007

Man I've got a cracker of a headache

I've been stuck in bed for three days now, suffering from a massive headache. I feel like I've been hit with a metal pole twenty times. Actually only once. I walked into a metal pole and struck my skull sideways. It did hurt but didn't hurt that badly. I had trouble and pain opening my jaw the week after. The side of my head did hurt a bit but didn't hurt that badly.

Four days ago, my head started pounding really badly.  I couldn't even sleep two nights ago. I had trouble walking. Its was like omigod, a piece of my skull must have fragmented and now my brain is started to bleed and I'm going to DIE!!!! ARGHHH... oh well, at least I've dived off Sipadan.

I went for a CT-Scan yesterday but the results were inconclusive. No sign of any damage or bleeding.

Taking pain killers now.

Will have another word with the doctor a week from now.

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Althea Wong said...

oh gosh... get better soon...