Saturday, December 29, 2007

How to die faster- eat American Fast Food

Japanese people in Okinawa who have been eating American Fast Food - thanks to the US Army presence there - are becoming obese and dying faster.

Read the story here: Okinawa Crisis.

"In Okinawa, the generation that grew up eating American style fast food are now reaching middle age and many of them are overweight and at risk from diabetes. Almost 30 per cent of Okinawan men die before reaching 65, and nearly half of men in their forties are obese.

Food experts there put the blame squarely on the number of fast food outlets (Okinawa has more fast-food outlets per head than anywhere else in the country due to the American occupation) and many fear the “Okinawan Crisis” will spread to the rest of Japan as the younger generation abandons the traditional fish and soy products for meat and fast food."


Althea Wong said...

argh... now you're making me regret my morning's breakfast at macs!

Yauming YMC said...

lol. its "ok" to have macs every now and then- just make sure you don't have it everyday. its just plain unhealthy. but so is most singaporean hawker food. Dim Sum is also another horror.

Althea Wong said...

ok... from now on it's just home-cooked food or nothing else!

Andrew Hall said...

high fiber content in cardboard though, but I'd probably just stick to normal foods.