Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Election Day

I honestly don't want to stand out but there is something in me that makes me different somehow.

I have a low tolerance for bullshit and I have serious problems going along with it willingly.

It was the first day of Secondary School (Monk's Hill Secondary)- I was about 13 years old - and everyone seemed to be in a happy mood. The teacher decided to elect class monitors, and other class gofers - and asked for nominations. I had just recently arrived in the school having been transferred because I flunked my Mandarin- most of the students in my class were also in the same basket.

It was an election. Everyone voted. Except for me.

I didn't see the point in voting for an election where I barely knew who the hell the candidates were. I was an introvert - shy - and making friends and influencing people came hard to me.

I thought it wouldn't matter- I mean - just one vote. Who cares?

Unfortunately for me. The teacher, Mr Happy, did.

Mr Happy counted the votes.  And then he realized that horrors of horrors - some one didn't participate in his social experiement. OMG oh noes the horror!!!!!

He got upset and wanted that smart alec fucker to own up. I shut up and sat tight. And then someone - probably the future Class monitor-  dobbed me in.


The teacher assumed it was an ego thing. And he interrogated me in front of the whole classroom.

If the earth had swallowed me up there and then, I'd be much happier.

Just fucking great Mr Happy. My first day in school and I'm getting fucked in front of everyone.

He assumed I was on an ego trip and placed my name on the nomination list - which of course made me look even more of a fool.

To make matters worse, I probably said a couple of stupid shit things in the awkwardness of the moment. I mean when you're deep in shit, you might as well inhale - and go for broke eh?

But I just didn't see the point in participating in a happy happy moment and voting for some person based on their looks and a couple of feel good statements for a position of responsibility and power - small as it was.

I should have just learned that is the way the world operates.

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