Friday, August 09, 2013

Auckland to Niue

Had a row with mum before leaving. She came back late pass midnight - probably went to the casino again.

We didn't speak as usual after she comes back home gambling. And she went to bed without saying much - but her venom was palatable.

The next morning she was getting into gear - trying to find ways to fuck the day up.

Thankfully my friend Tavis showed up to give me a ride to the airport which pissed my mum even more off for whatever reason.

I only got him to drop me off at the bus station less than 5 minutes away to catch the bus to the airport. I was carrying 30kg of gear so I didn't fancy carrying it over there on my own two feet - in the wet rain.

The weather was rather wet and wild on the way to the airport. You could easily see the trees in the winds trying to do the limbo how low can you go.

Arrived in Auckland no problems. Booked myself in to the Novotel Airport just a minute's walk from the terminal. Nice hotel. Very well insulated. Can't hear the jet planes.

New Zealand is yeah beautiful - a gorgeous orange and lavender tint sunset greeted me upon arrival.

I must say that the Kiwis are very friendly and courteous compared to the Aussies who seem to regard insulting total strangers as a pleasant way to pass time.

I can't help thinking about my errant traveling companion. I hope she is well, safe and happy wherever she is. But I really wish she was here with me. And I wonder what I could have done to have assuaged her fears.

I am getting tired of traveling alone. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was absolutely overjoyed when she told me she was coming and was making plans for the trip etc.. I was crushed when she told me she decided to cancel - and in such a seemingly casual way.

But I realize that sometimes you just have to travel alone to the places you want to see. You have to go away to find yourself in the solitude of the crowd.

Maybe I should form a League of Affable People where only affable and friendly, kind, decent, warm hearted, patient and generous people can meet, make friends and find traveling buddies.

Better sleep now. Less than 8 hours now before the flight to Niue takes off.

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