Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Not a good start

Woke up this morning. Feeling ok. Still have horrid eye bags under my eyes. Every morning that I wake up here- my eye bags just get bigger. I think its the noisy aircon.

Did an online study and found several others causes- drinking water too late at night- sleeping on a feather pillow (causes allergies).

Started to worry about small shitty problems- pulled out my laundry from the dryer- dropped a few clothes on the floor and found them covered in dust. I cursed. First curse of the NY.

Can't continue the day like this. Going out for lunch alone. All my friends are overseas are out of town...

Called my 3 year old nephew from Australia up. He's so cute and intelligent. He's positively amazed that I can live by myself all "alone". He asked that question several times in a credulous voice. He asked me whether I was coming back. When I said no- he lost interest in the conversation.

I do enjoy being around people- But mainly with people I like - otherwise being alone is cool. I don't hanker for company for the sake of it. At the dinner party last night- there was a group of (very) young adults screaming and laughing their heads off like a pack of hyenas- gave me a big headache.

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