Monday, January 29, 2007

Feeling better today

Most of the rash is gone. It took 3 cups of water to fix it.

Bad news is that my left eye is red and a bit painful. There was some blood stains this morning which was caused in my sleep. Must have rubbed it in dreamtime.

The good news is that the fatty eye deposits are almost totally gone. There seems to be a bit of sag in the area. But I'm hopefully that it will come right back after a week.

That's the whole point of the surgery- might as well do it now when my eye skins still retain a bit more strength and elasticity.

I didn't manage to go to church today. And it was a bit of struggle to go get some lunch. Most of my usual shops were closed- ended up getting some teochew mee-pork. Then spent an hour playing "Company of Heroes" at a cyber cafe to make me forget about my problems.

I had a bit of a quarrel with "K" the other day- she had just seen "Blood Diamond" a movie about the African diamond trade. I thought it was ok- but the ending was too idealistic. There's no way the diamond trade is going to be stopped. And people will always be after cheap diamonds. Moreover, there is no effective way of labelling diamonds as "free from conflict". Its a rock, a commodity.

There's no easy way to solve the problems in Africa. A return to colonialism is practically impossible at the moment for the Americans and Europeans. Attempting to let the UN run the place is just a waste of time due to the level of corruption in that shitty institution. The only way is for the Africans to get their shit together and work out their own problems. However, tribalism and ethnic tensions preclude that sort of arrangement.

Frankly, the best way is for an outside party like China to step in an retrain the Africans and bring them up to speed. China doesn't share the stigma of colonial mastership. At the same time, China wants Africa's natural resources. But the problem is that - that's about as far as China's interest is concerned over. Recently, Chinese leaders went to Sudan to give more aid to that genocidal govt.

And so the killing goes on.

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