Monday, January 15, 2007

Lazy Sunday

I woke up real late today. It felt good to sleep in. I've been getting up early for the whole week at about 7am, afterwards I can't seem to go back to dreamtime.

It was also raining again today. Spare a thought for the thousands of people in Malaysia who are flooded out of their homes.

At noon, I got an SMS from my "tamiya" model shop saying they were having a 50% sale. Hmmm... interesting. But I was starving. So I went down to Selera, its an old-style Chinese Muslim restaurant- between Niven Road and Mackenzie Road. I like it- it represents old singapore. Good food, cheap price, and the pleasent but the occasional odd service. Their famous chicken curry puffs which they make on the spot- sell for 60 cents. Their chicken rice meal only costs $3.50. Amazing!! My only fault is that the chicken rice meal doesn't have enough vegetables in it. You can order a vegetable dish for $6. But its really too much for one person.

I went over the "tamiya" model shop at Sunshine Plaza. Initially, I didn't know what to buy. But then my eyes fell on the huge Trumpeter T-34 tanks - 1/16 scale. Its being sold elsewhere for $100 - $300. But today, I bought them for $50 each. They are so cool. After that, I just went nutso and bought all the tanks I could lay my hands on. I also purchased a number of the military books and magazines- including two Concord military publications for just $5 each. In Melbourne, I'd have expected to pay at least $25 for them.

It took me three trips and the rest of the avro - ferrying the stuff to my place. Hhmmmmmm. But it was alright!

One or two of the customers got a bit jealous of my purchases- I ameliorated their tempers somewhat by offering it back to them.

Frankly, I doubt if I'll even finish building a quarter of what I bought today. But it sure looks fantastic seeing the kits in my store cupboard.

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