Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Eye Operation Wednesday

Hmmm... all this staring at the computer screen has a price. I've just made an appointment to have an eye surgeon do some minor work fixing up some residue under my eye muscles.

I was quite surprised that I got a surgery time slot so quick. But it seems that most people are defering surgery until after the Chinese New Year.

Oh well, good for me. :)

Anyhow, it won't take too long- just an hour or so. Then another wait - 3 hours of observation. But the healing process could take two weeks. Ugh.

Today I spoke to my 3 year old nephew, Euen, on the phone. He's so adorably talkative. he wanted to come and visit me in a box. Oh no, I hope not. I tried to explain to him that only books and toys go travelling in boxes. The idea seemed to appeal to Euen who told me in his little firm voice- "Yes, I cannot go in a box. I'm a boy, not a toy!"

I miss the little tigger. He's a good kid. I hope his parents will do right by him- and teach him the right path.

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