Sunday, January 07, 2007

Good Coffee

I just had an awesome cup of coffee this morning.

Freshly ground arabica beans.
In my Bodium Plunger
Water not too hot
Gets my Coffee just right!!!

That's the secret of making good coffee. Your coffee might not be freshly grounded, just make sure your water is not too hot.

I find a good way is to decanter the boiling water into your drinking cup- to let it cool down a bit- before pouring it into the plunger/coffee beans.

If I had the time and expertise I'd open up a coffee shop on Orchard Road selling mainly fresh coffee beans, different sorts from various places: Kenya, PNG, Java, Sumatra, etc. I'd have the colonial -high ceiling, teak floor look, ya... mmm...

BTW, I bought the beans from Takashimaya.

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