Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dead N@gg@r Storage

So one of my Uni friends, SO, calls me up - and says he has a friend who has some chairs and a table that she's looking to store somewhere blah blah. After 5 mins, I say... yeah, sure I got a store room and can hold the stuff. SO goes- "Whoa Nelly. I didn't ask u. But is that ok?" (Duh, then why did u just talk about it for 5 mins)

I go- ya, sure no problem. Besides I don't have a working TV. Yeah, we're that shit poor now thanks to mum's brilliant investment decisions.

His friend, a member of his Bible Study, calls me up the next day and says- she has a TV and a table and some chairs that she wants to keep at my place. And how long can she keep it there... Ah... 6 months? I say. No, she asks- longer? I say, 8 months? Done she says. Umm... I didn't know we were bargaining. I'm not getting any cash out of this so why the 3rd degree??

Later I see this truck come wheedling into my place.

WTF??? Its NOT just one table set- there are several pub tables and a dozen high stool chairs and a dozen empty wine crates- and to top it off a huge ugly monster TV. Not one of the nifty plasma or LCD ones - but one of the fucking monstrousity TVs from the late 1980s that uses a pathetic projector inside. The fracking thing weighs a ton. Hell no, 10 tons!!!! I don't think it even works. To be precise, 200kg+ (400lb?). Then she drops the clanger- put it upstairs and looks at me in a curious "get going" way.

This isn't someone's house furniture! Its the shit from a Karaoke bar.

I don't often get angry. But this really takes the cake. This total stranger comes waltzing out of nowhere and expects me to take her furniture, obviously from a bar, for 8 months or more and she's treating me like an idiot.

Not to mention the fact that it was bloody dangerous trying to haul up the dinosaur TV up the flight of stairs into my apartment. I live near the top floor and its like 12 flights of stairs.

The house movers she hired were also not impressed that she failed to tell them that there was no service lift.

I looked in stupefied horror - but she instead that "I had promised to store her furniture" and demanded that I hold to my end of the bargain.

We actually gave it a try but the fracking TV was so heavy we couldn't even get it pass three steps.

When she got pissed and demanded that we try harder. I think the mover or me told her - "You do it". And she tried and failed to even move it one mm.

I called SO about it - and he apologized for getting me involved.

I lugged up the stuff- but the crazy b1tch and her friend promptly started shoving the junk in bedroom. I locked the door and looked her straight in the eye. Please move the stuff in the STOREROOM. Does she even know the difference between a storeroom and a bedroom? Is she dumb or just an ahole. Maybe she's both.

She gave me an apologetic look and complied. Maybe she's just dumb.

She also doesn't know how to stack stuff properly and half of the stuff fell over in the storeroom. I grimaced and went in and packed them properly inside. After 20 minutes, everything was nicely packed in and I felt quite pleased with myself.

(Frankly, she ought to have sold all the junk at a garage sale- it would have fetched her $400. But dearie wanted to save some cash. So he hired a removal truck ($200) to dump it at my place whilst she works out a plan to sell it.) I've got a feeling she doesn't really realize that the POS tv is just junk and noone in their right mind will want to buy it. She may have bought it for $10,000 back in 1988 but its worth about $200 now at best.)

At 9pm when I went out for dinner I saw her friend standing beside the dinosaur TV waiting for her people to help move it. The original movers had taken the money and gotten out of Dodge. I don't blame them.

Sometimes Chinese people can be so thickheaded.

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