Friday, March 04, 2005

Dire Straits

(This is part of a series of blogs I did on another site. I'm transferring them here slowly because they contain journal entries which are important to me)


Oh well. Interest rates have gone up and I can't seem to find buyers for the family's two properties. All the buyers offer me "Bend Over" deals. Any offer I agree to, gets changed for a lower price the next day.

Tried to talk to mum about it but its just a waste of time. She refuses to answer my questions and slams the phone down afterawhile. Its hard for her to accept that she screwed up, seems to be easier for her to live in her own little faux-Christian fantasy world where God will rescue you after you set yourself on fire, jump off a bridge in your car for the 777th time. It didn't work before but let's try again and again and again.... ad infinity.

Trying now to sell one of my apartments in Melbourne to help pay for her mortgages. Seems like a bad idea, huh? But I should get a good price for it and I don't think I'll be going back. Problem is that it will take some time to carry forward a sale. Meanwhile, whose going to meet the cash shortfall?

I asked SP my best friend and mentor here to help out for a little while. All he said was "I wish you well". Then I had to endure a 2 hour lecture on how "I fucked up". It was one big "I TOLD YA SO". At the end of it, I couldn't take it anymore. I got up shook his hand and said thanks but I gotta go.

Seems no one wants to help when you're down in the shits. The son of my father's best friend AKL sold my mother the shite investment property that has the road reserve on it. It was a fucked deal and he fucking knew it.

The relatives and family friends I seek help - all tell me to take a hike - then tell me how screwed up my position is. I find myself in a team of super heros all called Captain Obvious. Seems the whole goddamn town knows I'm knee deep in shite.

Meanwhile, my mom is blaming me for her problems saying I gave her a "bad curse" by forewarning her of the consequences.

Wow, her level of delusion is really staggering.

Why can't she act like an adult and take responsibility for her actions? I suspect most of the Aquaris "flower power" generation are like that. Its the grandparent's fault, its the government's fault, its the fault of big business, its the fault of society, its the fault of the kids... everyone except themselves.

Time to take sing Kumbaya I guess? What is this wet dreamy fake christian or new age philosophy she is clinging too?

Everyone screws up. Just wish they'd own up to it and stop lying.

God knows how I'm going to pull out of this one. ...

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