Sunday, March 13, 2005

Deadwood Season 1

Just watched the entire season 1 of Deadwood- an HBO series. Its a bit like Pulp Fiction meets Bonanza or The Lone Ranger Show.

I like watching historical drama - I appreciate how they spoke to the past. It was colorful and full of life. Some other shows I've watched are - Topsy Turvy: making of Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado, the BBC's Pride and Prejudice 1997 series - starring Collin Firth. Nowadays our speech thens to be more functional and dry.

However, the characters of Deadwood swearing would make a demon blush.

But its in character with the whole atmosphere of the show.

The acting and scripts are also very good. Its a very riveting show- but it could do with sub-titles, I found it a little hard to discern what the actors were saying with their thick mid-American accents.

Funny though, after watching the series, I started talking like them and filling my speech with a fuller more flowery vocabulary, less the swearing of course.

Its 4am here, shouldn't be blogging. But I can't think of much else to write about this week. More of the same sh1t.

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