Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Road reserve setback

Got back a reply from the government road department that has reserved 1/3 of my mum's investment property to widen the road.

They still insist that the road widening is to benefit the larger community. I told them its ridiculous to claim that - wider community implies "school", "community center", "hospital", "army base" etc.

Not a "richer neighbors house" -and  at my mum's expense- and claims its for the "greater good"! 

As mentioned in my earlier blog. The govt decided to reserve nearly half of my mum's land to widen the only road that leads to a bigger private property. If anything should happen to the house - like we tear it down or it burns down accidentally- the govt has the right to acquire that part of our land to expand the damn road.

FFS!!!! Why the fuck is she has a such sucker for fucked schemes???

So far my polly (local politician) hasn't called me up - although he has contacted the road department to inquire about the situation. 

The best way to deal with these govt depts is to write letters - and send them via registered post- so they don't go "lost". Its cheap only 2 bucks.

Trying to talk with them or phone them is a total waste of time. Once they put down the phone- the whole matter is forgotten cos there' no bloody record of it.

At least they have to respond to the letters and everything is black and white and recorded for prosperity.

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