Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Lord of the Rings

Just rewatched the extended version of Fellowship of the Rings- the first part of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

Its still amazing to watch. The film, script, the plot, the music soundtrack, and the special efforts were totally first rate. 

The extended version also shows Boromir in a better perspective. Won't give away any spoilers. But I liked how he encouraged Frodo after they were in Lothorien.

"Your burden is heavy. Don't make it heavier by carrying the memory of the dead." Or something to that effect.

But my favourite line in the film is Gandalf's encouragement to Frodo. Paraphased - like so

"Its not up to men to decide the fate that befalls them. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that was given to us."

(Just an add-on, the Lord of the Ring book written by Tolkien done in the 1950s was great too and worth a read. Tolkien is excellent in his imagery and created the classic Middle Earth world out of his own imagination. I was sadden that Jackson did not include Tolkien's Gollum's "poignant regret" scene in Return of the King. It was a very powerfully sad scene which would imho have been easily translated over to the big scene.)

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