Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Went out to the beach with a female companion today. I figured there was nothing to help the negotiation process with the house. I tried contacting my mom for some idea on what price she wanted to sell the place for- but she was very evasive and didn't want to answer my questions. Except to say that the offers were too low.

I'd say the offers are reasonable - given the market situation. Of course I'd like to hold onto the properties and sell them for a mega sum but mum totally screwed up all the finances and we got a fucking big debt. Of course, somehow its my fault. Ya go figure.

I decided to cool off and take a break. I met with my friend and told her the problem and she was very sympathetic and told me to pray about it. And take a step back, will ya?

I said ok. Its really out of my hands. I can't convince the old woman to change her mind. She's as stubborn as a brick.

Anyhow, whilst I'm suntanning. the phone rings and the agents says his buyer has raised the bid by an extra 5%. Hmm and I didn't even say anything. Then some other agent calls up and says his buyer heard about the sale and wants to offer a higher price. Says a Govt Minister likes the security of the place and wants to get it. 

Geez, where did all these people come from all of a sudden??

Anyhow, its good news. and getting better. Maybe, by next week like Lazarus- we're out of the red and back into the black.

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