Monday, March 07, 2005

Repairing 9B

Another hot and sticky day here in Singapore. Its so hot that you can feel the sweat trickling, nay running, down into the crack of your bum.

Trying my best to keep cool in this heat.

The workers have finished the painting and minor repairs of the big house. I tried to bargain with the contractor on some of the work done. He really should be charging me 20% less. But I feel bad for the fellahs. They really put effort into getting the place looking good. It was good work. And I don't want to "diddle" off their pay. So I'm going ahead and paying the boss the full amount which is generous of me cos I'm really running on fumes - having to pay for fracking 6m mortgage.

I'm glad that they couldn't do the flooring though. Because of the setback, they couldn't do it in time. So I got another a Malay worker I met earlier to do the floor and it saved me $1000. He didn't sand back the entire surface- but that was totally unnecessary anyhow.

I liked him because he had a very cheerful can do disposition.

I also found that if you carefully sanded back the scratch areas on the parka wooden floorboards- following the grain of the wood etc., then applied varnish onto those spots, they literally disappear. You can't see them unless you look up close- like eyeball to floor. :)

However, if its on massive areas, then you have no choice but to varnish the entire area. A little bit of sanding will help. But once the varnish is placed on the entire area and given a machine polish- the place looks great.

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