Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A walk in the park in May

Spent the day walking at Labrador Park with a female friend. I think she likes me, I doubt if any chick sees a sign which says "WW2 Gun Emplacements and war ruins" will say "Wow! Lets check it out." But she did.

Labrador Park is a tranquil, secluded, and forgotten part of this island where there is still a lot of tropical rainforest trees and old disused military forts and bunkers.

Few tourist know of this area and seldom come here. There is no fee to get in the park. And to be fair there is not much to do - except enjoy nature - its not Disneyland thank God.

But if you like nature walking and just a cool chill out zone - far away from the maddening crowd- Labrador Park is for you. There are also some beautiful butterflies in the area- a black/white butterfly and the extremely gorgeous "Jezebel" butterfly.

Its also next to the sea- and you can do some fishing if you want.

After a few hours of walking we stopped off at the main bar which is overlooking the area and had some drinks.

I was quietly enjoying the sheer beauty of the area and the moment when my female friend got a bit upset that I was "zoning out". I wasn't closing my eyes. I was just taking it all in... sometimes (I feel) pple don't have to cloud the airspace with blabber and mindless chitchat. Why can't they just sitback and enjoy the moment?

Doesn't seem to appeal to my friend though. She said- why don't you just read a book or something? I told her I wasn't ignoring her but that didn't seem to please her.

At dinner she gave me this long story about whilst I zoned out - she was thinking about how her female work colleagues' stories - they told her that marriage was totally overrated, men are all pigs, and that having kids was hell - which inspired her to say "I'm 30+ but I'm so glad I'm not married."

Err... I wanted to say something. But it would have been too acidic, so I said nothing.

I don't want to lead her on, but can't we just be friends?

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