Friday, February 24, 2006

First Post

Hi and welcome to my blog. I'll try and be as candid as possible here. But first up - something about me. To give me something to write about occasionally- I'll try and ration things out.

I like running listening to Linkin Park. I'd put on my CD player. Put in a burnt copy of "running music" which includes the movie soundtrack to Last of the Mohicans, Rent Lola, Gattaca, and Linkin Park. Running is a terribly boring event- from one point of view. What's the purpose anyhow? You're just running to get fit. But you're also running nowhere. In the past, you had to run- to deliver stuff- messages, food, medicine etc.. Now you're just running.

Listening to running music helps me - enter into that zone. What or where is "that zone" Its a bit like praying or meditation. Your body metabolism starts to kick in- your brain starts pumping endorphins. And you are just in an amazing place.

The question is how to get there? Waking up at 6 in the morning, gritting your teeth in bold determination- doesn't quite help. I get my hifi player to schedule a song from Last of the Mohicans- I think its called the Deer Hunt. It starts off with a dull slow drum beat. That's the first thing i hear in the morning. Then I put on my running gear, put on my CD walkman, and out the door I go. No fuss. No need for car keys. Just Go!

I run to a park close to my home- Ruffey's Park. Its about 3km there. The walk/run circuit in Ruffey's Park is about 4 km. Then its another 3km run back home. Ordinarily, I'd only be able to run 5 km. But by pushing myself that much farther and stepping off. You push yourself to run that much extra. Somehow the run back home - flies by. I distract myself by thinking of taking a hot shower, hot breakfast, hot coffee. mmm.

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