Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Simple home recipes: Steam Brown Rice +Sweet Potato +Salmon

I usually eat at home alone. And its hard to prepare something healthy for yourself. I'm trying to avoid eating packet noodles or any ready to eat meals. Once you spend some time working out at the gym, the idea of consuming crap just hits home.

I try and make simple easy to cook meals for myself. This is a simple easy to do meal for all you bachelor and bachlorettes. I made it today.


1. Steam Rice Cooker
2. Brown Rice
3. Carrot
4. Sweet Potato
5. Salmon Belly
6. Basil, Kalle or Rocket or some kind of leafy vegetable
7. Soya Sauce
8. Wasabi

I chose the Salmon Belly because it also happens to be the cheapest cut - $3 for 1kg - and its tasty and is rich with  good omega3 oils. Its bony but easy to remove when you eat it. If possible I try and avoid farmed fish because they've been swimming in their own crap for too long.

Summary: Basically steam the rice+carrot+sweet potato first - then add in the fresh raw salmon belly to cook for a minute before eating with fresh basil, kalle, rocket. Portion sizes are up to you.

So first - cut the carrot and sweet potato into the portion that you can eat. I had a large sweet potato +carrot that would have fed 3 people. So I just cut it into 3 portions - and put the 2 into the fridge and used the 1 for today's meal.

Scoop 1 cup of rice and add roughly about 2 cups of water into the rice cooker. This will feed one person. If you don't eat too much rice, add less. But 1 cup is plenty already.

When you cook the brown rice - also put in the cut portioned carrot and sweet potato in as well. When the rice is done - the carrot and sweet potato will be cooked too. As a rule of thumb the portion should fit in your hand.

When the rice is about to be done - put in the salmon belly inside. If you forgot and the rice is already done - never mind, just put in the salmon give it a stir. The idea is to simply use residual heat to cook the salmon.

I used fresh Atlantic Salmon - which is available in Melbourne where I reside.  It should not be cooked for a long time, 1 minute inside that hot steam rice cooker is OK. If its been frozen, you obviously need to thaw it out first.

If it bothers you to eat uncooked meat add a splash of water and turn on the cooker again to heat it up for another 5 minutes.

OK all done. Add in the fresh Basil and or Kalle (wash them first) etc... for the greens. I try and not cook my greens and eat them close to raw to get the best nutrition  - and also soya sauce and wasabi for taste. Bon appetit!

No cooking oil was used at all. Everything was cooked in the same rice cooker pot.

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