Sunday, October 13, 2013

Be careful over your choice of close friends

In this era of facebooking friend - acquiring friends - is as easy as getting your hair wet in the rain.

But to be honest- most of my facebook friends are in reality - acquaintances. Now, that's a term that seems to be unused - probably due to political correctness. Everyone wants to be a friend. Being called an acquaintance seems to be so old fashion - like you're being left out of a special club.

But its true. Most of my so-called friends - now that I seriously think about them - are simply casual acquaintances I met at church, on holiday trips etc..

And the funny thing about some of them is that when I met them in public - they don't even greet me or look at me when I say hello.


Sure we have friends who are reasonable nice pleasant people who do give you the time of day and go out of their way to be nice.

But I think its important to sieve through them. I'm trying now to avoid certain friends. Not because they are unpleasant bad people. But because I look at them and hear the way they talk and think... and I wonder - do I seriously want to be like them?

This might seem like a selfish thought. Acquiring friends for self-improvement. But its not.

I've come to a stage in my life when I'm starting to learn to value my time.

My time is important. My interests are important to me. What I like. My dreams. My aspirations. The things I cherish. Why should I associate with people who think that its all shit? And worse, seek to devalue me as a human being? I hate being with people who find joy and pleasure in putting other people, including their friends down. Sure, once or twice is fine - but some fuckers just keep pressing that fucking button and won't stop.

One of the straws that broke the camel's back was this fat friend of mine who calls me up everytime he gets a day off to go eat. I got irritated at him because when I talked of being at a beach and breathing the ion enriched air he abruptly interrupted by saying air was air and breathing negative ions was just "fucking hippy crap". OK, so he doesn't like the beach. But did he have to shit our my conversation? I was trying to get the group to go to the beach for a change instead of pigging out at yumcha or playing xbox at home. No one was interested. They all preferred to stay at home and stuff their faces with pizza and chips.

It dawned on me then - they obviously don't enjoy the things I like and I didn't fancy living like them. We were clearly in the wrong basket.

If you ever have friends in your life that seek to belittle you, delight in humiliating you, - run away from them.

There are already so much goddamn obstacles in our lives - the last thing we need is for shit "friends".

At this stage in my life - I really need friends who are positive minded. We love to travel. Who are creative. Love writing. Love the written word. People who can see the bigger picture in life. People who are not obsessed with small minor inconsequential things. People who want to live a healthy lifestyle - and not survive on a diet of vitamin tablets and junk food. Friends who are deeply interested in finding out more about me.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of my church friends fall in the "shit friends" category. I see them. I don't enjoy their company. I dislike their narrow minded point of view. And worse they seem more like pharisees and hypocrites than anything approaching Christ-like.

The friends you choose will have an influence over your life. If your friends are into eating junk food, "couch potating", playing computer games, taking drugs or drinking - you're just going to end up doing what they are doing. Its practically inevitable.

Look at your friends and their lifestyles - this is what you are going to end up becoming.

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