Thursday, October 03, 2013

4 Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again - or not

I disagree. I think his analysis, except for Rule3, is superficial. The problem with the Prequels was not location, set props or being too cute. The problem was it had bad plots, dialogue, and, worse, was poorly directed. SW3:ROTS had Anakin massacre the entire Jedi kindergarten and strangle his wife - but the scenes lacked tension.

And it lacked tension because the characters were so poorly written. Maybe it was the overemphasis on the special effects - but the characters for the prequels - were horribly written. Oh yes, they had great costumes and props. But they had crappy dialogues+plot and their action sequences seemed more designed to show off LucasArts latest 3d gizmo.

Character character character (development) - that is the most important plot device for any story. Unfortunately, the prequel characters seemed flat and insipid. Even hiring big name stars didn't help.

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