Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A healthy diet may have cured this women of multiple sclerosis

Watch the video - suspend your disbelief for awhile - and think about it. Go home - now think about what you are eating. Actually, the key is self-awareness. Be aware of what you are consuming. Too often we are just gobbling whatever that is placed in front of us - which is anything.

I used to suffer from severe irritable bowel syndrome, reflux and heartburn etc.. I saw the specialists and they prescribed for my medicine and artificial roughage.

Actually, there was no need to see any doctors - just one cursory look at my diet back then would have explained everything. I was eating way too much junk food - I was drinking far too much coffee and the amount of sugar, fried food etc.. I wasn't obese. But I wasn't healthy either.

Fast forward to today. OK, my diet isn't perfect. I love to eat Kransky sausages. I love eating (certain type of) biscuits.  But what I do is I've reduced my intake of them. I will occasionally have sausages. I will occasionally drink Coke. I still probably have too many biscuits a day. But I also try my best to eat less processed food - I try and eat brown rice which is 10 times more healthier than white rice (which has little nutrient value btw). I try and eat green vegetables as much as I can.

And guess what I've gone down a size. I've effectively lost 5kg.

The key to weight loss is not to follow some crazy kind of diet that you cannot maintain.

The key to proper weight loss is eating right.  Avoid processed food like KFC, McDonalds. Refrain from drinking soft drinks. And esp. do your utmost to eat fresh leafy vegetables, fresh fruit.

Think carefully about what you are eating - butter is natural and contains a lot of vitamins, margarine is not. Things like white bread, white rice have very little nutritional value.

OK. Back in reference to the paleo diet. I think its wrong to assume that our ancestors knew more than us. The reason why they had the paleo diet is because that was ALL they had. They didn't have access to soft drinks, processed food, and they usually had to work their ass off to get food - try killing a Wooly Mammoth or just trying to harvest nuts and berries - its hard work!

They didn't need to go to the gym or run on a treadmill - because exercise was their lifestyle.

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