Monday, October 28, 2013

Ashley Madison in Singapore - whats wrong with a little fun on the side?

Once again the Singapore Govt goes all nuts against a "socially deviant" site. How predictable. Anything to take the public's mind off other troubling matters - like how the new casinos are destroying families or how there is a shortage of affordable properties for couples wanting to get married. Yawn, what soft targets are they going after next? Are they going to start banning all contact between the sexes until they turn 22?

Bashing away at a website is probably a bit more easier than torturing locking up social conscious lawyers and social workers I guess; anyone remember the Marxist Conspiracy in the 1980s? But I find it sad that while the Singapore Govt profess to be all about strong marriages and traditional families - it's business policies and relatively slack labor laws make it easy for businesses to exploit workers and in effect damage marriages.

In Singapore, bosses frequently have no compunction about calling up their staff to work on weekdays and even on their honeymoon - frequently without overtime. That's absolutely ridiculous. Maybe giving the boss all the power she needs without any checks and balances to achieve profit levels at any cost is not a great idea - hello Ms. Saw of SMRT fame. To me it seems very short shortsighted - the boss is of course very happy because he or she is able to achieve massive profit growth by burning out the lives of their staff and  walks off with a fat bonus at the end of the year. This is of course not unique to Singapore - in Australia, the CEO of a major bank which lost over a hundred million dollars got sacked and walked off with a golden slip of $14 million dollars. I wish I could get fired like that. But at least in Australia they have universal hospital cover and people can still afford their own homes without selling their souls to the bank.

If you're going to have a system where they treat workers as cogs in the machine with little rights - you're definitely going to be damaging relationships and marriages and families. Marry that with a worker migration policy designed to lower wages and a foreigner friendly property investment policy - which is cruel to have in a small country with a tight land mass - and you're just going to be make it too hard for many Singaporeans to start or raise their own families.You don't have to be a scholar or highly paid government official to figure that out.

Getting into hysterics over deviant websites will of course please the prudes and the ignorant - but I think that most Singaporeans are smart enough to realize that this is just plain posturing.

Got better things to do with their time meh?

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