Thursday, September 03, 2009

Taken (2008)

Genre: Action & Adventure
I liked it. OK, the violence was gratuitous and story a bit far fetched and it panders to stereotypes and urban legends... but these things do happen.

Whats the story about? Its a Luc Beeson film about a retired Bourne-type spy, played to perfection by Liam Neeson, who worries about his rich spolit teenage daughter going to Paris for a holiday with her friend. He seems overtly paranoid. And like every father's worse nightmare, the worse happens. The girl and her ditzy friend are kidnapped, drugged, and forced into the sex slave trade.

Daddy Bourne then flies to Paris to find his daughter and uncovers the sinister sex trade market. Then all hell breaks lose. Plenty of chases, well choreographed fights, and plenty of villains die painful deaths. Huzzah!!! How come there aren't more films like these? I mean who doesn't like to see bad men getting the sh1t beaten out them slowly.

You may think the story is impausible, stupid etc.. but this sort of thing does happen in real life. Attractive females are regularly kidnapped in the Middle East and Asia and sold into the sex slave industry. One true horrible story involved newly weds on a honeymoon to Bangkok. The husband went back into the hotel to retrieve his camera but when he returned to the taxi - it was gone together with his pretty wife. She was never found. Another story involved three models setup for an assignment in Cambodia - which turned out to be fake. Thankfully, something went wrong with the kidnap plan - and the girls got away.

Attractive female slaves, since ancient times, are worth a great deal of money. And there are unscrupulous men who will see you as a commodity to be used, traded and profited from. I think a lot of women in civilized societies fail to realize the dangers inherent in the world and think lightly of the dangers involved in travel.

Anyways, maybe the film has a slow start, but don't worry it gets better, much better.

I look forward to the sequel.

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