Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 things I want to do

1. Learn Mandarin
I couldn't learn Mandarin when I was a kid. No one in my family spoke it. We all conversed in English which is as similar to Mandarin as I am to Godzilla. And I seriously couldn't get over the fact that Mandarin has no alphabet. And I thought Chinese people were smart - why didn't they come up with an alphabet?? For god sake they're still using a form of hieroglyphics similar to the ancient Eqyptians. Anyway, I think I'm over the anarchistic

2. Learn French.
I didn't like it until I heard it spoken by the (actors) Huron Indians in the film "Last of the Mohicans" - then I thought "Wow, real men speaking French - it sounds so manly, chic, and cool."

3. Build an outdoor military chin-up (pull-up bar) at my home. Its a great exercise as well as providing a great means of stretching your back muscles. It feels wonderful doing it. Today, I went to Bunnings and found that the 2m Cedar Pillars cost about $50. If I can buy two then build in a metal bar between them and secure the 2 wooden posts into the ground in my courtyard - there its that simple. But I don't have the tools to do this... need help!!

4. Finish the taxes.... yeah I said that like about 10,000 times.

5. Run 10km at least twice a week. I used to be very fit in the army then I slacked off. Then I hired a personal trainer in 2004 and got uber fit again in 3 months.

6. Build a pathway from the front garden to the back topside garden. At the moment, the topside garden can only be accessed via a steep uneven path - I plan to knock down the wooden fence, build a gate in place, and construct a gravel pathway to that sector of the garden.

7. Get uber fit. "300 Spartans" fit. Damn, what am I doing about it??

8. Grow a million red poppies in my garden in the Summer of 2014 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War One. Its not too far away.

9. Scuba dive in the Bikini Atoll, site of the biggest naval nuclear bomb test. Dozens of warships are sunk here in diveable depths.

10. Join a undersea treasure hunting expedition. There are plenty of sea wrecks in our sea waiting to be discovered, esp. in Indonesian waters.

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