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Philip Garrido: The ultimate Justice System Fail. How the heck did he get out in the first place?

The infamous pedophile and child sex slaver - phillip garrido - was once arrested for abducting and torturing a woman in a special dungeon he made. Her fate was sealed - this monster was going to rape, torture and eventually murder this. If you think this is amusing I suggest taking a hammer and hitting your genitals and head as you read this.
Fortunately for her, a policeman happened to pass by and rescued her. The rapist garrido was sentenced to jail but got out early - and even had time in jail to complete a degree in psychology. He even had the gall to find and intimidate his former rape victim.

You would have thought that the authorities would have been extra vigilant. His parole officer even promised the rapist would be watched carefully.

If there was some justice in that moronic state - they would have picked him up on some misdemeanor or way laid him somewhere. Or better yet, just put him next door to the Judge or State Governor who reckon that he's served his sentence and the law must now be respected.

Apparently he wasn't even watched at all - as the rapist managed to abduct a 11 year old girl and imprison her as his sex slave for nearly 20 years. Shocking barely covers this crime.

This just goes to show that sometimes you really need to throw away the key on some criminals. I mean, whats the point of the law if it doesn't serve to protect the innocent and the community from monsters like garrido. You might as well not even have a police and court system if you're going to be so lenient - which seems to be the case in Australia.

Its not a question of revenge - its more an issue of trying to keep law and order.

Someone who concocts such an elaborate scheme for rape and torture should have been jailed forever. The authorities lack the manpower to watch over these sort of people. I really don't see why the death penalty for such scum is not enforced. These monsters have no qualms about denying the basic liberty of the innocent. They would have no problems in torturing the innocent for the rest of their lives. What kind of punishment would even fit such a heinous act? They are beyond all hope of rehabilitation and even if it was possible - what kind of system would allow them the chance to reoffend?

Allowing them to even live would seem a perversion of justice. But they let him walk free. The authorities by acting so weak in such matters only cause the public to lose faith in the justice system. What's the point in democracy or paying taxes if monsters like these can walk free and enjoy the morning sunrise? fubar man.

You can read the tragic story here.
Katherine Callaway Hall was 38 years old and working at a roulette table in a Lake Tahoe, Calif., casino in 1988 when a thin man ordered a cocktail, remarked how he hadn't had a drink in 11 years, then cashed out his chips without ever placing a bet.
"Hope to see you again real soon, Katie," the man said as he left.
That man was Phillip Garrido, now 58, the man who had kidnapped and repeatedly raped Hall 12 years earlier - and who would allegedly abduct 11-year-old Jaycee Dugard three years later. Now Hall believes the seed for the idea of taking a child as a sex slave came from her own eight-hour ordeal at his hands.
It was 1976 when Hall first met Garrido. She'd just bought groceries to make dinner at her boyfriend's house when there was a rap on her car window. It was a thin man in a ponytail, asking for a ride. Hall agreed.
But when Garrido lured her to a remote road, he overpowered her, handcuffed her and drove her to a garage-sized storage locker in Reno, Nev. Inside, Garrido had converted the space into a sex dungeon...
"He raped me there, and the rape, which lasted about seven hours, is what I've completely blocked out of my mind," Hall says, her voice cracking.
Around 2:30 a.m., a policeman noticed that someone had jimmied his way into the storage locker, and knocked on the door. Garrido untied Hall and told her to act as if nothing were wrong. She promised to cooperate.
Garrido told the cop he was "partying" with his girlfriend, but when she realized there was a policeman nearby, Hall crashed through the hanging rugs and boxes and told the officer her story.
"Please don't tell on me! Please, please," Garrido pleaded with his captive.
But she did tell, in court, and Garrido was given 50-to-life for raping her, and a life sentence for kidnapping her. His parole officer said Garrido would live "in a fishbowl" and be watched constantly.
Which is why Hall is incensed that her onetime tormentor got out of prison so quickly and managed to hide Jaycee Dugard from notice for 18 years.
"I just can't imagine how they would not check on him," Hall says. "Why weren't they more curious? He had a reputation as being a weirdo and was getting more psychotic. I can't believe they went to the house several times and never checked back there."

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