Monday, September 07, 2009

I like Bach, Beethoven but Britney rocks

There's something insanely magical about her in this music video. Its also that cute malevolent tone that makes this song all that more endearing.

You can watch the outtakes here. Funniest thing I've seen all day.

Its quite interesting analyzing the video and seeing what makes it so fun to watch. Its very well constructed - as was the actual song itself. There are so many layers to this. It takes genius to make the complicated and hard - look fun and easy.

So let's see...

1. The song is about a girl who attracts guys like bees but is generally disinterested with them. That's powerful imagery there - Desire meets unattainable affection. You want it - but you can't have it. And the desire is made worse by the girl's flirtatious mannerism, that youthful vitality bursting with life and that almost cruel casual indifference to her devastating effect on the opposite sex.

2. The song is very well composed, good beat, tempo, that smashing cresendo; and young Britney sings it to perfection - helped by her background vocalists who added extra bass.

And the full version here:

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